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And if you’re going to walk out of my life and leave, I ask one thing of you. Once you’re gone and you see that I’m doing fine, don’t you dare come back. - Things I wish I could tell you (via soulsscrawl)


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who the hell thought turtlenecks were a good idea


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We weren’t raised to take, We were raised to give

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I knew I matured when I realized every situation doesn’t need a reaction. Sometimes you just have to leave people to continue to do the lame shit that they do. - (via cutely-perverted)

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Relationships are a fucking nightmare of confusion. How fast is too fast? How slow is too slow? Should I take their fear of making me a priority to be a sign of healthy/mature caution or is it an unfair waste of my time and energy? If they’re willing to commit early on is it a sign of desperation and clinginess or is it a good sign of how strong they feel about you and how secure they feel about their feelings for you?

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